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Welcome to A Touch of Camo:
OUR Camo will get YOU Noticed!!

A TOUCH of CAMO provides camo accented wedding gowns, bridal attire, bridesmaids, prom, flower girls, and formal mothers dresses and gowns. Also, vests, ties, cummerbunds and more for men and boys. Main camouflage patterns on satin fabric are Mossy Oak New Break Up and True Timber White Snowfall but there are NINE other traditional camouflage patterns and the Moonshine line of camo to choose from too. (list is below).

Most of our formal attire is Made in the USA. Our ATOC line that is beaded and embroidered tradition wedding styles is made at a Chinese factory because no one in the USA embroiders on satin fabrics. These gowns are fully lined with professionally finished seams and other details. All strapless styles are fully boned. Corset backs at no extra charge. The fabrics are of the highest quality. These gowns can be custom ordered to the bride's personal measurements and desires at very competitive prices. None of our items are made in assembly line fashion.

In addition to the elegant formal attire we offer for weddings, proms, homecoming and other formal affairs, we have a variety of lingerie, men's and women's swimwear, lounge wear and gift items for many occasions including wedding attendants gifts, all in camouflage.

Our formal attire requires up to 10 weeks to be sewn and items are made at the time of order, so you can create a gown very unique to your occasion, by working in various options we offer, as well as color combinations and camouflage patterns. Our factories can also provide rush sewing at additional charges for closer wear dates. We can deliver a finished gown in as little as two weeks from order placement (from the ATOC-AE and CD Lines).

When you become one of 'our brides', you will receive very personalized attention and we will work with you to assure your order turns out exactly as you desire. All your communications will be with ONE person through out your ordering process. We do have a return/refund policy, although our rate of satisfaction is very high. You can read testimonials from previous brides and prom gals on our NEWSLETTER page. So, ask questions, compare prices and other details, but we're sure you'll happily come back to the company that started the whole camo wedding theme idea on the internet!! We have recently become licensed to sell wholesale to shops and you can check our RESOURCES page to see if there is a shop in your State carrying our items. Please read all the info below as it will help greatly in navigating the site and placing orders.


During August, we are featuring all items from our CD Budget Line.  These items are all Made in the USA; ALL are under $260.00, with many suitable as wedding gowns too!  They make great, affordable BRIDESMAIDS and HOMECOMING, WINTER FORMAL dresses. There are also flower girl styles, mens vests and other accessories as well. They can be delivered FAST because they are generally always in stock at the warehouse!!

We are NOT ABLE TO TAKE RUSH ORDERS for August wear dates and if you are considering any of the beaded, embroidered gowns in the ATOC Designs, we will not be able to sew items made in China until October, due to changes happening with our Chinese factory.  Please contact us for questions relative to these two issues.  If you need a gown to be worn in October or later, depending on the 'wear date', we may be able to still take the order!  Expecting all to be back in order before the end of September with our ordering process but I will post current information here on the home page.


In Addition there is a series of mobile friendly slideshows by category, of our most popular items. Just input the URL into your mobile device.




NOTE:  YOU MUST REGISTER IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER, WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN ORDER TO PLACE AN ORDER or save items in a wish list.  If you do not register, items put into the shopping cart are deleted in 24 hours because we have no way to communicate with guests.  We need at least an email address.


Please read all our frequently asked questions by going to the left menu bar and clicking on FAQ.  All the common questions about our attire, sizing, shipping, discounts and more are covered there.  Then, if you have questions, just click on CONTACT US.  This will open your own email program with our email address already there, so it's easy to let us know all your questions.

Click on STORE on left menu bar, and choose the category you want to browse, in the PRODUCT SEARCH box.

SHIPPING ISSUES: If you order multiiple items, the shopping cart  will accumulate shipping costs for each items, but if you back out and let the order sit, we will discount off all the excess shipping costs before you pay. If you forget, we'll refund excess shipping via PayPal.  

Please read the Info below: It will help you in placing orders.... 

1. PAYMENTS are made by using PayPal within the web store or you may pay via phone using Visa, MC or Discover. JoAnne: 928-368-2466.  You may use PayPal as a GUEST and do NOT need to open up a PayPal account at all.  It is a well known, safe and secure payment site.

2.  RESOURCE PAGE: Look for SHOPS in your own state  that carry our ATOC CAMO DESIGNS LINES: 

There are independent shops in 15 states that are carrying our ATOC CAMO DESIGNS LINES. Click   here   to get to the RESOURCES PAGE to see if there is one in your state. If you have a shop that you would like us to approach in your own town, please email their contact information to
3. .TESTIMONIALS: Click here to see TESTIMONIALS from other customers.

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