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ATOC-AE-PS: Men's Pocket Square- Choose from 10 Camo Patterns or 17 Solid Satin Colors. LINED. MADE IN THE USA

Man's Pocket Square in camo pattern or one of 18 solid satin colors and lined.

Men's pocket square
Approx. Size: 11" x 11"   

When these items are ordered with a gown or other items, you will receive FREE shipping.  IF submitting a multiple order, do not pay in paypal...just submit the order and then close the website without paying.  I will be able to discount the shipping and send an email with a new price and then you can go into PayPal and pay for your order.

 Item can be discounted also, if added to other orders, or if there are 3 or more of same item being orderd.

Regular Price: $16.00

Options include:

    • Mossy Oak New Break Up Camo
    • True Timber Snowfall Camo
    • Mossy Oak Duckblind
    • Mossy Oak Infinity
    • True Timber PINK Snowfall Camo
    • True Timber Conceal Green
    • True Timber Harvest
    • Realtree Max 4 choice
    • Realtree Hardwood Green
    • Camo West Vanish Hybrid
    • Muddy Girl Pink/Purple
    • Harvest Moon
    • #76-White
    • #77-Ivory
    • #43-Black
    • Orange
    • Soft Copper
    • Lace Gold
    • #31-Mocha
    • #14-Tan
    • #65 Forest Green
    • #49 Sage Green
    • #28 Pale Green
    • #63- Rusty Brown
    • #44-Reddish Brown
    • #74-Dark Champagne
    • #82- Pale Pink
    • #85-Hot Pink
    • #29-Chocolate Brown
  • Rush Sewing-Other
    • 3 week sewing is standard
    • 1 week sewing- 2 week delivery, Add: $12

Base Price:$16.00
Additional items: Depends on your selections during checkout.
Shipping: $7.95

mossy oak pattern
mossy oak pattern

snowfall pattern
snowfall pattern

duckblind camo, showing folded
duckblind camo, showing folded

showing tan lining
showing tan lining

opened square is about 11 x 11 inches
opened square is about 11 x 11 inches

duckblind pattern
duckblind pattern

Muddy Girl camo with black satin lining
Muddy Girl camo with black satin lining