How are these dresses made?

The CD line of dresses is made to be easily taken in. They do not have large seam allowances for letting out. The ATOC-AE line is fully lined, with boning front and back where needed. There is generally enough seam allowance to take it out a little bit, and designed to be easy to take it in. These styles come with hanging loops and a train loop. Modesty panels for corset backs can be requested.

The ATOC line is made in China, is fully lined, and the construction is much like fine designer wedding gowns, with extensive bodice construction; 14 bones around the bodice, with multiple layers of construction, such that frequently a bra is not needed under the gown. There is an adjustable, built-in bra strap on all strapless styles for extra security and a corset back is available in all styles. These styles will need more involved alterations in the bodice, and we recommend ordering with the corset back for that reason. They will come with modesty panels to go under the laces and hide crinolines or skin that you do not want to show. Train loop and hanging loops are standard as well.

Are they hard or expensive to alter?

The CD gowns are designed to be very easy to alter. Altering would be taking IN the gown. Generally, all that is required is to turn the gown inside out; pin the side seams in to match the body; and do a simple straight stitch through the bodice side seams. The gowns typically are ordered according to the customer’s waist size, as that is generally the measurement that determines the largest size on the factory’s size chart for most gals.

Many times, someone with a regular sewing machine can do the altering without hiring a seamstress. The A Touch of Camo design lines are made more like a traditional wedding gown and will require more involved alterations, however these lines can also be ordered made to all your own measurements, including hem. The cost for custom measurements is generally much less than the cost of alterations via a professional seamstress.

Can you custom design a gown from my own ideas?

The CD factory does not do custom design or sewing. The styles offered, combined with the various options to add colors are the only choices. The CD line comes only as shown and only in mossy oak camo satin material. Some styles have 4 color accent choices and/or the option to have the style sewn in hunter orange with camo accent.

The A Touch of Camo design lines are fully able to be custom designed.

What changes can I make to a style?

The CD line comes only as shown and with certain color additions available for waistband. The A Touch of Camo design line has many more choices available for making changes. Also, there are many accessories that can be added, such as sashes in various styles, boleros, shrugs, shawls, gloves, jewelry, shoes and purses.

How do I be sure I am ordering the best size?

There are measurement instructions we can email to you. We recommend you hire a seamstress to do the measurements. If you take the size chart and a picture of the gown you plan to order to a seamstress when you are measured, she will likely be able to give you a very close estimate on the cost of altering the gown for a great fit, as well as help you choose the best standard size for your body.

The gowns are made with a waist to hem measurement of 45 inches. If you are shorter than 5’7″ in the shoe height you plan to wear with the gown, you will also want to plan on the gown or dress needing hemming in additional to fitting through the torso area.

Measurements are listed on the order page for the CD and A Touch of Camo design lines.

IMPORTANT: When you order by standard size, you are responsible for choosing the size, which is why we suggest getting measured professionally. We do not accept returns simply because the item does not fit when it arrives to you. You should expect that it will not fit perfectly and even with custom measurements, you should expect to need one fitting with a seamstress to assure proper fit.

How long does it take to get a dress made and delivered?

Without paying rush sewing fees, it will take approximately 12 weeks from the time you place the order, until the gown is in your possession for the A Touch of Camo and A Touch of Camo-AE styles. Rush sewing fees are for sewing time only. We then must add shipping time. Standard sewing time is ten weeks. During slower times, gowns may be done much faster, but not any longer.

The CD line is generally in stock and can always be delivered within three weeks at the longest timeframe and two weeks at the shortest timeframe.

The seamstresses will start the next gown assigned to them, as soon as they finish the previous one. Rush sewing permits a gown from the CD and A Touch of Camo-AE lines to be sewn and delivered in as little as two weeks. Because the A Touch of Camo with beading and embroidery is made in China, the fastest delivery time is approximately four weeks.

When you place the order on the website, there will be a drop-down menu allowing you to choose which timeframe is best for your order to be made. Many of the items, other than gowns, have a standard three-week sewing time, with a one-week rush available from the factories.

Do you offer rush orders?

We offer rush sewing options, at a cost of $95 for one week (two weeks’ delivery including shipping ) to $20 for six weeks’ sewing time (eight weeks delivery including shipping). You can find these details on the drop-down menu on each listing site, and other rush times include two-, three-, four-, and five-week sewing times also. Just remember, one has to add a couple weeks shipping time to the rush sewing you choose! This is because the items typically must be delivered to us first, so that we can complete a quality inspection prior to repackaging and shipping on to you.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: When a super-fast delivery is required, the CD Line offers a direct ship fee of $12 added on to the regular shipping, whereby they will package and ship directly to you, bypassing a delivery to us. The extra charge is for their staff to stop regular work to do the packing, inspection, and arrange for the UPS pick up.

Do you ship everywhere?

We commonly ship across US and Canada. We can investigate costs to ship to other countries. If ordering from another country, we can determine approximate shipping costs before you place the order, if you simply contact us with the delivery address.

Shipping includes insurance within the US and delivery confirmation/tracking information provided to the customer at the time of shipping. Most of the time, we ship US Postal Service and use Priority Mail. We ship to Canada using International Priority Mail to reduce time spent in Canada Customs. Shipping to Canada is 50% more than shipping to US addresses; your final shipping cost will be shown during checkout as you confirm your order (before paying).

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! we do offer discounts on quantity purchases over $800 for certain bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s items AND we also offer a military discount to all active duty military and their families. Occasionally we have special items marked down and these are displayed on the In-Stock Sales page.

Can I return my order if it's not right for me?

We do accept returns and offer refunds. We must be notified before a return with details about what is not right. We reserve the right to request you return the item to the factory for fixing, depending on the issue. Refunds will not be paid, until the item is received and inspected. Returns must be intact, without damage or signs of wearing, and otherwise seen as able to resell. Hang tags must be on the product.

Refunds must be received back within seven days of you having received the order, so we recommend you try the items on immediately upon receipt and evaluate your satisfaction. The buyer will pay the shipping costs to return an item. In some cases, we may choose to offer an adjustment, rather than a total refund.

We do not accept returns simply because an item does not fit. You are responsible for choosing the closest size for your body.

We have a very high satisfaction rate with our customers, and although the briday industry standard (even for internet sales) is to deny returns, we much prefer having a satisfied customer. We will actively work to ensure you are satisfied.

It is difficult for us to accept returns randomly because we cannot return items to our factories at all, and therefore, we lose money on returns until they are eventually sold to someone else. This is the main reason we’ve worked hard to create the wholesale aspect to our business, so that we can find shops around the country who want to carry stock for those customers who are more nervous about buying via the internet.

Contact us if you would like to ask about the availability of our products in a store near you.

How can I be assured of the quality?

Typically, orders are first shipped to us, and we put each item through a 21-point Quality Inspection before shipping to you, the customer. All attire is measured to be sure they are within one inch of the standard for the size ordered.

All sewing is inspected. If small repairs are needed, these are done by a local seamstress. We check all aspects of the order to be sure all items ordered, and color, camo pattern, and so on, are correct. Finally, the items are steamed (if ordered), repackaged on a hanger inside a plastic dress bag, and folded carefully along with all items ordered, for shipping.

You can follow the progress of your order via your account within our web store. You will receive automated emails each time your order progresses to the next point of completion, and when your item ships, we contact you to verify shipping info and provide the tracking details so you know when to expect arrival.

All of our seamstresses, understand the importance of meeting the deadline. They have all been sewing bridal, formal wear and prom attire for years, and they understand that the items must be received no longer than a week prior to the wear date listed on the order form.We prefer to deliver a minimum of two weeks prior to the wear date. They understand that it is stressful to all if we must fix or redo orders, so they work very hard to do it right in the beginning.

We schedule work carefully so that rush orders or emergencies can be dealt with and still meet the wear dates.

In certain rush orders, we may arrange direct shipping from the factory or express ship ourselves to ensure timely deliveries.

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