A Touch of Camo offers all types of wedding/formal event related accessories, both in traditional designs and in camo accented designs. All are custom ordered in customer’s choice of camo pattern, solid satin or a combination, depending on item.  Some may be listed in the ‘IN STOCK & ON SALE’ section of the web store and those would be available for immediate delivery.  Otherwise, most items in the accessories section can be created and shipped within 3-4 weeks if custom ordered.
In this section, you will find most items are for our female customers and are in the categories of Belts and Sashes, Crinolines, Garters, Lingerie and items of Jewelry and Hair Decor.
Belts are in camo or solid satins and beaded in various styles.  Currently, we have 4 designs, but we have access to more.  Some are waist belts that hook in back, while some are full sashes that loop or tie in back and hang down over the back of the gown.
Sashes come in about 5 or 6 styles, and in various widths and lengths.  They can also be ordered in a variety of solid satin colors or any of our camo patterns. Sashes are frequently ordered to compliment bridesmaids dresses when only a ‘touch’ of camo is desired, that can be removed.  The beaded sashes are most often ordered to complement a wedding gown that needs just a bit more sparkle or ‘glitz’ on it, or where a traditional bride might want to add just a bit of camo accent to her traditional wedding gown to surprise her hunting groom!
Crinolines can be ordered in a wide variety of styles, width, degrees of poufiness to fit under all our gown styles where a customer feels that she needs a little ‘more’ filled out in the skirt.  We stock the common sizes ordered for our most common styles but our vendors deliver quickly and will even drop ship directly to a customer.  This is convenient if a gown was ordered without an extra crinoline and then, after trying it on, the customer feels she needs more pouf.
Garters come in various styles….with and without lace edging and bows, and, again, in all solid combinations and camo patterns.  Most often, we get asked to add the baby blue bow to our garters, so the bride has that traditional ‘something blue’ on her person….based on the ages old:  “Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed and Something Blue” that is traditionally incorporated into the bride’s wedding day attire.
Lingerie for the bride varies from bras, undies, thongs, sexy nightgowns, robe, and swimwear all in some camo patterns and some in solid patterns.  We also have access to long line bras, bra cups, lingerie tape and other items to assist with the fit and look of formal attire.  In this section we also have access to some lounge wear and exercise wear for both women and men.
Hair Decor and Jewelry- Various kinds of rhinestone, crystal and pearled hair clips, side clips, bows, ribbons etc are available for all the ladies, in addition to the veils and tiaras found in the Bridal Gown section.  These items are more for maids, prom gals and for other formal events that ladies might want something pretty and ‘glitzy’ in their hair.  Some of these items can have your favorite camo pattern added too.
The Jewelry is mostly necklaces in a variety of styles that tie around the neck, with solid satin or camo pattern satin to coordinate with your gown or dress.  We do also have rhinestone buckles for the sashes and various rhinestone embellishments that can be sewn on more simple dresses to add some sparkle.  There are many items available in addition to what you see on the site.  Please just know you ask us about anything in this area and we will do our very best to search and find or create what you desire!